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From Barcelona to Pallerols  Caminades - Ruta 1Caminades - Ruta 2Pallerols    

Come to Pallerols to relive stories that will thrill you


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With the statue of St. Josemaría in Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra)      

Friday, February 17th, at 6:00 p.m., we went by car and van to Pallerols, looking forward to seeing such special places for Saint Josemaría.

We arrived very late at night on a very dark, winding road. The van lost its way and it is in the middle of the forest. We imagine the fear they would have in 1937, without flashlights or cars to protect them.

Jordi waits for us. He has lit the chimney fire and gives us the keys to the house and the church.

We dine while we project the movie "There be Dragons". What a thrill when Pallerols appears! We are here!! It helps us to know the atmosphere of fear and hate that was so prominent during the civil war, and how difficult it was for the fugitives to survive.

We slept thinking about how cold it was and how sorrowful St. Josemaria was because he did not know if he was doing what God wanted.

There is a radiant sun, a magnificent weather that will accompany us on this day. After breakfast, Jordi explains the story of those moments, and teaches us about the restored old rectory. There were many details that we did not know. What we liked the most was discovering where the rose was, how it illuminated that morning of 1937.

To finish, we go to Peramola. We see the haystack from the outside and read the fragment of "Entre la noche y la esperanza" (Between the night and the hope) that explains what happened there. We continue to the Casa del Corb (the Corb house). We have arrived! There we eat and play for a while.

Upon returning, the priest awaits us. It is the first time he is there and he is also very excited. After celebrating the Holy Mass and preaching meditation, we have a moment of reflection. We have prepared texts from the diary of Antoni Dalmases and other testimonies. Although it is cold, how good it is to pray here!

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At the Saint Raphael's Cabin
 - At the Saint Raphael's Cabin
Arriving at Corb's house
 - Arriving at Corb's house
Back, Corb Rock
 - Back, Corb Rock
In front of Corb house
 - In front of Corb house
On the door of the Corb house
 - On the door of the Corb house
Resting after eating
 - Resting after eating
The herd of Pere Sala, by Vilaró
 - The herd of Pere Sala, by Vilaró
At the chimney fire of the Pallerols refuge
 - At the chimney fire of the Pallerols refuge
At the Pallerols refuge
 - At the Pallerols refuge
There was also a study time
 - There was also a study time
At dawn, we went down to the church to see what the enlightenment would be like when Saint Josemaría found the rose
 - At dawn, we went down to the church to see what the enlightenment would be like when Saint Josemaría found the rose
The Rose of Pallerols
 - The Rose of Pallerols

At dusk we told riddles, scary stories and funny stories around the fireplace. Mariona brought mashmallows to share.

We wake up early and go down to the church to see it lit up just as St. Josemaría found it the morning of November 22. It is impressive to see that the only light that enters through the single window - narrow and elongated - that there is in the hermitage, illuminates the area where the rose was probably found.

After some meditation and a mass, we study for a while, pick up and clean the house together and we go to the Saint Rafael's cabin. The slope becomes steep, although we arrive in 30 minutes. There, we eat and tell stories about clubs. Lucia tells us things about Mexico. On the way to Pallerols, we meet a large flock of sheep and we talk to the shepherd, who is called Pere Sala and who turns out to be the grandson of Pere Sala, of the nearby house of Vilaró, the same one who protected and fed them during the eight days when the group of San Josemaría remained in the zone of Pallerols.

To close the tour we went to Andorra. We prayed at the church of Sant Julià de Lòria, where the sculpture of San Josemaría is, and we had lunch at a coffee shop in Andorra, like those of the expedition of 1937 did.

How lucky we were to meet some good friends and sleep in Pallerols!

Surely, St. Josemaría did not imagine that people from all over the world would visit and sleep in that house. It has been a very fun experience and an adventure that we would like to repeat. We will be back!


  Author Tino | 10/03/2017
   Comment Gracias a estas chicas por los textos que nos explican su vigencia y las bonitas fotografías
  Author Dorinda Soto-Chaves | 10/03/2017
   Comment Que gratificante y esperanzador el verlas tan contentas y decididas a llegar a Pallerols. Gracias por compartir la experiencia ya que de otra manera nunca podría realizar tan espectacular viaje. Es un regalo de Dios. Encomiendo los frutos espirituales desde Puerto Rico.
  Author Ángela G F | 09/03/2017
   Comment Que bonito testimonio en grupo, que "envidia" poder participar y cómo agradezco este medio para sentiros cerca de mí y otras personas que solo participamos con entusiasmo "pasivo" pues no puede ser de otra manera. GRACIAS!!! y a continuar.
  Author Bea y Emilio | 08/03/2017
   Comment ¡Qué fantástico reportaje, chicas!...y cuánta alegría e ilusión se ven en vuestras caras. Habrá un antes y un después de esta visita y os animo a que "arrastréis" allí a vuestras familias y a vuestras amistades. Que no les pueda la pereza. Pallerols está ahí al lado y somos la envidia de nuestros hermanos de otros países por tener la suerte de poder vivir esta experiencia tan al alcance de nuestra mano. ¡Os esperamos otra vez!
  Author Lluis Viñas | 08/03/2017
   Comment Molt bona experiència. Quina enveja, aquest tipus de caps de setmana recarreguen molt les piles...
I els mashmallows son una porqueria, però jo també n'hagués menjat un parell allà al foc de Pallerols TC!;)
  Author TC | 08/03/2017
   Comment Gràcies per compartir aquestes experiències, i enhorabona per explicar el sentit tan autèntic que li heu donat a dos dies a Pallerols: esport, espiritualitat, convivència, naturalesa... llàstima dels "mashmallows", que són una autèntica porqueria
  Author Florentino Ysern | 07/03/2017
   Comment Mercès per aquests meravellosos somriures
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