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From Netherlands to Pallerols  Caminades - Ruta 1Caminades - Ruta 2Pallerols    

Pallerols is of world interest


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A part of the group in the House of Corb      

On the evening of 2 May, an expedition of nine Dutch girls arrived in Pallerols, with the idea of ​​knowing the details of what happened there when St. Josemaria and the group that accompanied him passed through these places on their way to Andorra.

They visited first the refuge next to the rectory, which is where they would spend the night. Once settled, they entered the forests of Pallerols to reach the Cabin of San Rafael, following the route marked with the blue and yellow colors of the Andorran route. As they walked through the forest they could observe the impressive landscape and get an idea of ​​what the days of Saint Josemaria's expedition were like in 1937.

The following day, after a good breakfast they prepared themselves, they were in a van to the base of the Corb mountain, then up on foot to the Corb House, recalling the night of 27 to 28 November 1937 when St. Josemarķa rested 3 hours in this place before continuing the road to the Ribalera. It was in the Ribalera where they found the bulk of the group and where the main guide of the expedition, Josep Cirera, appeared, to begin the journey of several days until arriving at Andorra on December 2.

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At the door of the House of Corb
 - At the door of the House of Corb
In front of the Hose of Corb. In the background the mountain of Sant Honorat
 - In front of the Hose of Corb. In the background the mountain of Sant Honorat

From the Corb you have a very complete overview of this first phase of the expedition, from Oliana to Aubenē. The landscape surprises by the steepness of the mountain, but the most shocking is the history behind those places.

Helena Barroso, coordinator of the group, wrote: "We are very happy, because visiting these places and traveling these paths we can explain very naturally the history of how Opus Dei began and especially the figure of St. Josemarķa, his life and his message. It's an experience we want to repeat next year".


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Pallerols de Rialb, 11 may 2017
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