Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Reviewing the Way of Andorra

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On Saturday, June 8, we carried out work on the descent path from Coll de Santa Fe to the river of Cabó.

We went the following people:

From Pujal de Cabó: Antoni Baraut, father and son, with three of his children (Toni, Rut and Isaac).

From Organyŕ: Mariano Carbonell.

From La Seu d'Urgell: William Diaz.

From Lleida: Pepe Martínez, Manel Salud and Josep Maria Vila. Ramon Camats came from Artesa de Segre.

From Barcelona: Jordi Pérez, José Juan Crespo and Jordi Piferrer.

In the lunch we did at Antoni's house, in Pujal de Cabó, the two spouses of Antonis, who are called Carme, and also one of the daughters, Judit, actively collaborated.

In total we were 17 people.

It was about taking a tour of this part of the route to certify, with people from the territory, that the path we make is correct and also to see what points need some subsequent action.

We all got together in the place of the Homilies of Organyŕ where we left with three cars off the road to Coll Marí.

At this point we did two groups that would continue on foot along different paths:

1) some went up to Coll de Santa Fe to descend along the Andorra Way signposted with the blue and yellow colors.

2) another group went down from Coll Marí following the marked variant with yellow rounds.

We found both groups in the area where there are some water basins for wild boars. There they call it "el ballador".

We continued together - following the blue and yellow marks - to the road of Cabó where we collected the cars to go to the house of Antoni Baraut, at Pujal de Cabó.


1) we wanted to go with people from the area to validate the two paths.

2) we checked the magnificent work carried out by the people of Girona.

3) Once the validity of the two paths has been checked, it is advisable to place the posts and signs planned and, above all, to clean the shoveler all the way up to the river of Cabó, crossing the lands and forests of Oliva de Cabó, which we already have permission to do it.

This may be July's or when it's good for those in Girona. Some of the Cabó valley will be able to help us.

All of this has been a wonderful experience of collaboration with the people of the territory.

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