Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
From Tarragona to Pallerols

Don't miss it, and when you can go to Pallerols

Last Friday, July 3, a group of girls from the Trasmall club in the 1st year of high school left Tarragona for Pallerols. In Ponts we met Ramon who introduced us to the history of St. Josemarķa and the passage of the Pyrenees. We crossed the Peramola bridge and then arrived in Peramola where we stopped to see the barn where the 1937 expedition rested on the night of November 19-20. Then we continued to Pallerols which is where we had decided to sleep on days 3 and 4.

The next day, Saturday, we began our excursion: go up to the Casa del Corb and continue walking to the Barranc de la Ribalera where the Fr. Albert Penella was waiting for us to celebrate Holy Mass, in the same place where St. Josemarķa celebrated it in the morning of November 28, 1937. We were so excited!

On Sunday, the 5th, we had Mass in the church of Pallerols and we asked the Virgin of the Roser for many things. It is shocking to think that right there St. Josemarķa found the rose that made him see that he had to move on. After Mass we were working a bit, pulling weeds around the church, that had grown during the confinement. Before lunch we went to the river Rialb to swim and back we stopped at Oliana for an ice cream.

Thank you friends of Pallerols for making us relive all that St. Josemarķa experienced in those autumn days of 1937!

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