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Walking from Pallerols to Andorra, in five days  Caminadas - La Totalitat de la ruta    

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Overcome the Barranc de la Cabra Morta. In the background, the Collada de la Torre      

From June 24 to 29, 2019 a group of 28 people walked the path from Pallerols de Rialb to Andorra. The same path that St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer's footsteps in the autumn of 1937, fleeing from the dangerous situation caused by the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.


Most of the group members came from the cities of Valencia (13 people) and Malaga (10 people). All of them were very well received by some guides of Lleida and Girona (5 people), belonging to the Association of Friends of the Camino de Pallerols of Rialb to Andorra.


In the five days of the journey, they covered a total of more than 80 km, with a positive height difference of 4,400 m and negative slope of 3,850 m


The last two days joined the group 13 Irish boys, and the group, already in their entirety arrived together at Sant Julià de Lòria on the 29th to celebrate the "Aplec of St Josemaría".


One of the members from Malaga summarizes the experience lived as follows:


The group of Malaga that made the Walk was quite colorful. It was formed by 4 parents, three of whom were accompanied by one or two of their children; two university students and a priest. The previous year, one of those parents, Carlos, expressed his desire to make the Pass of the Pyrenees, but back then it was impossible. So he made the self-purpose to do it when it was humanly possible, and this year was the one!

With sufficient previous time he spoke with several friends, and although many expressed their interest, due to the unavoidable professional dates and occupations, three were finally able to carry it out, and some even included some of their children.


Once we arrived at Pallerols we were greeted by Toni, who was always very helpful and focused to make the organization perfect. We also met the great group of the Dardo Club of Valencia with which we shared the journey and with which a friendly relationship was established immediately.  We also met our guides Carles and Xavi (Oriol accompanied us in the third stage of Mount Ares), and Ramón (from Girona), the efficient logistics manager. The last two days we were fortunate to share with a group of young people who came from Ireland.


The high temperatures set us up this year and although they made the stages even harder, everything went very well and we concluded very satisfied with the experience.


We arrived in Andorra and we were able to participate in the Holy Mass that was celebrated in the parish church of Sant Julià de Lòria on the occasion of the well-known Aplec of Saint Josemaría.

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In the church of Pallerols
 - In the church of Pallerols
In Peramola
 - In Peramola
In the House of the Corb
 - In the House of the Corb
Climbing the Canal de la Jaça
 - Climbing the Canal de la Jaça
The final part of the Canal de la Jaça
 - The final part of the Canal de la Jaça
Overpassed the Canal de la Jaça
 - Overpassed the Canal de la Jaça

In the plains of Aubenç
 - In the plains of Aubenç

Camping in the plains of Aubenç
 - Camping in the plains of Aubenç

Near Fenollet's house
 - Near Fenollet's house
the house of Fenollet
 - the house of Fenollet
Towards the Cabó River
 - Towards the Cabó River
Towards Baridà
 - Towards Baridà
Near Cal Pallarès
 - Near Cal Pallarès
In the church of Noves de Segre
 - In the church of Noves de Segre
Climbing the Barranc de la Cabra Morta
 - Climbing the Barranc de la Cabra Morta
Near the Collada de la Torre
 - Near the Collada de la Torre
Camping in the Collada de la Torre
 - Camping in the Collada de la Torre

Holy Mass in the Collada de la Torre
 - Holy Mass in the Collada de la Torre

Breakfast in the Collada de la Torre
 - Breakfast in the Collada de la Torre
Ready to undertake the final stage
 - Ready to undertake the final stage
In Mas d'Alins (Andorra)
 - In Mas d'Alins (Andorra)

Going down towards Sant Julià de Lòria
 - Going down towards Sant Julià de Lòria

Javier, another expeditionary from Málaga, explains what he experienced as follows:

A couple of months ago I was proposed to make the Pass of the Pyrenees, emulating the route that in November 1937 St. Josemaría made with a group of young people in order to leave the so-called red zone, and meet with other members of Opus Dei in the safe area and continue with the necessary work of expansion that of the Work.


When they proposed the trip, without hesitation I accepted, but with the certainty that it would be difficult for me to really go due to my professional commitments.


Surprisingly and as the date was approaching, I had no professional commitments and I had no excuses to reject the plan. On the other hand, my desire to start "walking" through these Pyrenean increased.


On June 24 I arrived at Pallerols with great enthusiasm, as well as with the firm intention of taking advantage of every minute of the experience. 


Our group from Málaga was joined to another group of young people from Valencia, with whom we quickly became friends despite the age difference.


The journey is hard, there is no easy stage and the heat of each day made each stage even harder.  But in spite of feeling fatigue I felt a happiness that is not usual.


As the stages progressed or as the climb became harder, I could not get rid of the hardships that S. Josemaría and his companions had to go through, how in the middle of the night, without means or the slightest comforts, they advanced along the same roads but in conditions that did not resemble mine at all. I was not able to complain!

All the way toke us to think, meditate and to ask us questions such as What is God asking me to do with the life he gave me?


The path became not a walk through nature, but a journey into myself, a journey into that silence that I need so much in my day to day, an experience of the Peace of the Lord.


Perhaps that was the reason why as the days went by, I was tired but happy.  Maybe that's why the concerns I brought on June 24 were disappearing every day. I was aware that it was Jesus himself who had brought me to Pallerols, taking my hand, to live this experience.


The feeling of happiness when we arrived in Andorra, the emotion of praying a prayer to Our Lady in the last meadow, already in Andorran lands, did nothing but increase my desire to repeat the experience and to convince others to come and live it. I promise I will son return to Pallerols with my children.

Finally we finished the trip in the Sanctuary of Torreciudad, where despite of being closed to the public, the Rector guided us through the inside and we were able to give thanks to Our Lady.

Now sitting in front of my computer and carefully reviewing the experiences lived in the past days, I come to the conclusion that all what, those who made that trip more than eighty years ago, lived was heroic. They themselves were perhaps not aware of what they were doing, but it is clear that the title of the book "Dream and your dreams will fall short" is totally providential.


At this point, I'm sure that the experience has been a real gift that the Lord gave me, nothing has been casual. If the path taken in 1937 by St. Josemaría was heroic, it was not because they wanted so, but because God did, because the Work and everything that would come later on is really God's.



  Author Geraldo Morujão (Viseu –Portugal) | 22/07/2019
   Comment E hora buena por tan extraordinaria aventura. Os tengo envidia!
  Author Jose Luis Fernandez | 21/07/2019
   Comment Enhorabuena y felicidades a todos los participantes . Os acompaña San Josemaria en el camino de la vida
  Author ATC  | 21/07/2019
   Comment Enhorabona a aquests valents que van caminar amb les temperatures més altes del que va de segle. I pel que he llegit, sense queixar-se. Una experiència inoblidable. Dona la casualitat que fa 3 dies vaig coincidir amb un bon amic que va participar al 2012 en aquesta caminada integral. Quan li vaig preguntar que le havia semblat, em va contestar que era el seu record més agradable de la seva adolescència. Una resposta que fa pensar...
  Author xavier C. | 21/07/2019
   Comment Muchas felicidades a los expedicionarios!
  Author Carlos Rubio  | 10/07/2019
   Comment No observé ninguna queja pese a la dureza del camino y mucha alegría y buen humor y esto teniendo en cuenta lo pronto que amanecíamos. Estoy seguro que nos empujaba San Josemaría, las subidas eran muy duras y no hubo percances de relevancia. Pese a mis ocupaciones profesionales de la época, curiosamente no recibí llamadas de importancia. Definitivamente una experiencia maravillosa compartida con amigos e hijos y una bendición de Dios
  Author Leopoldo Salas | 10/07/2019
   Comment En general, lo que es el Paso de los Pirineos ha resultado un poco duro por las altas temperaturas que nos han tocado este año, que ha llegado hasta los 43 grados, también las subidas que eran muy continuas… Pero bueno al final se obtenía su recompensa al ver el trabajo realizado; uno se sentía orgulloso. La convivencia con la gente allí también ha sido fantástica: con Yiyo, Ignacio, los padres, los niños. Así que muy bien; yo me lo he pasado muy bien, la verdad. Lo recomendaría también para más gente.
  Author José Luis Torres | 10/07/2019
   Comment En la última semana del mes de junio de 2019, participé junto con mi hijo y un grupo de amigos en la edición del Paso de los Pirineos, que trata de recuperar el paso de san Josemaría por los Pirineos durante el otoño de 1937. Ha sido una larga “caminada”, llena de sorpresas, de emociones, de miedos pero por encima de todo de satisfacciones. ¡Los componentes, en definitiva, de un profundo aprendizaje...! Una experiencia que llevaré grabada en la mente y sobre todo en el corazón con un profundo agradecimiento a los organizadores y a mis acompañantes por la convivencia vivida.
  Author Perico Romero (estudiante de 1º de ESO) | 10/07/2019
   Comment De estos días de convivencia he podido sentir las grandes dificultades que pasó San Josemaría y todos aquellos que huyeron con él. Ha sido muy bonito estar donde ellos estuvieron, rezar donde ellos rezaron e incluso celebrar la misa en lo alto de la montaña en el mismo sitio donde él la celebró. También nuestro grupo ha estado muy unido, poder estar con mi padre y nuestros amigos, yo era con 12 años el más pequeño del grupo pero me siento orgulloso de haber terminado hasta el final. He conocido a otras personas que se han convertido en amigos. Gracias a los guías y a los organizadores.
  Author Pedro Romero  | 10/07/2019
   Comment Una extraordinaria experiencia, poder vivir la angustia de aquella huida, sentir las penurias que pasaron y valorar el tremendo esfuerzo que hicieron. Paisajes de ensueño, calor eso si muchísimo calor, pero quizás también ese calor humano de convivencia con todo el grupo y en especial con nuestros hijos. Esmerada organización e interés en agradar por parte de los organizadores y guías de ruta. Muy recomendable, así que repetiremos.
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Pallerols de Rialb, July 12, 2019
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