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From Rome to Pallerols and Andorra  Caminades - Ruta 1Caminades - Ruta 2Caminades - Ruta 4Caminades - Ruta 6    

They think back next year


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The whole group arriving in Andorra      

One of the expeditionaries tells us:

On September 1 in the afternoon a group of 25 Italians arrived in Pallerols. Upon arrival, Ramon welcomed us and helped us a lot every day we were there.

We did almost all the stages and, although we had to shorten some, all the boys ended up very happy with the experience.

The truth is that we were quite tired because we walked about 4 to 6 hours a day, and on the day we climbed the mountain of Aubenç, we walked 10 hours.

Every day, after each stage, we returned to Pallerols for dinner and sleep, since the rectory was our base camp. So we organized to return well in advance and prepare dinner.

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A general view of the group in front of the Pallerols church
 - A general view of the group in front of the Pallerols church

In the Cabin of San Rafael
 - In the Cabin of San Rafael
Mass in the Cabin of San Rafael
 - Mass in the Cabin of San Rafael
Corb mountain road
 - Corb mountain road
In front of the Casa del Corb
 - In front of the Casa del Corb

Pallerols nights
 - Pallerols nights

Every day we read the texts written by the expeditionaries of the year 1937, which are included in the book: Una storica avventura sui Pirenei.

On the penultimate day we decided to rest by spending a whole morning at the Cabin of San Rafael and surroundings. Another day we visited Organyà and we were able to learn a little more about the Catalan language by visiting a small sample where the first homilies written in Catalan are preserved.

Finally, on day 5 in the early morning we had to say goodbye to the Pyrenees to Rome.

The experience was so positive that the parents of the children have asked us to organize it again. A mother has already signed up and told me: questo cammino lo voglio fare anch'io il prossimo anno!


  Author Tino | 12/09/2019
   Comment Impresionante ver a esta colla de chicos italianos con la bandera de su país en Pallerols y leyendo el libro de Jordi en su idioma UNA STORICA AVVENTURA SUI PIRINEI.
Las tomas de las imágenes son fantásticas y el texto más y el comentario de la mamá genial
  Author Bea Casado y Emilio Urías | 11/09/2019
   Comment Felicidades a este grupo de valientes italianos, y ¡bienvenidos a la que seguro será vuestra casa a partir de ahora! Esperamos pronto veros de vuelta con vuestras familias. Gracias por vuestro ejemplo. Ojalá muchos jóvenes como vosotros se animen desde todas partes del mundo.
  Author Florentí | 11/09/2019
   Comment Siete bravi ragazzi!
  Author Gio | 11/09/2019
   Comment Un cammino da rifare
  Author Filippo | 11/09/2019
   Comment È stata una esperienza indimenticabile!
  Author romolo | 11/09/2019
   Comment ¡Que Bonito!
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Pallerols de Rialb, September 6, 2019
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