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The party of the “Trobada de la Rosa”, in Pallerols   CelebracionsPallerols    

We were able to relive the events that took place in the fall of 1937


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The procession with the Virgin of the Roser of Pallerols      

On Saturday, November 20, the traditional Rose Meeting Festival was held in Pallerols de Rialb, organized by the Friends of the Camí de Pallerols de Rialb to  Andorra Association.

The day began at 11:30 with the screening of the documentary about the adventure of St. Josemaría on his escape to Andorra, due to religious persecution during the Spanish Civil War of 1936 -39. The video highlights the difficulties and sufferings that the members of the group in which St. Josemaría went and especially describes the anguish that the saint experienced on the night of November 21 to 22, 1937 in front of the doubt whether or not he was doing God's will by continuing his journey to Andorra. The rose he found in the church, on the morning of the 22nd, filled him with peace and confirmed him in his decision to continue on to Andorra, surely he was doing the will of God.  

After the video, there was a guided tour of the rectory and the church, and then -at 12:30- there was a procession around the church with the image of the Virgin Mary singing the Joys of the Roser of Pallerols.

Once inside the church, the Mass presided over by Fr. Rafael Fernandez, priest of Opus Dei, and concelebrated with other 4 priests: Fr. Constantine and Fr. Gabriel from the Faculty of Theology of the University of Navarra, in Pamplona, ​​together with the two beloved priests of Ponts: Fr. Bonifaci Fortuny, in charge of the church of Pallerols de Rialb, and Fr. Pere Morales, rector of Ponts.

In the homily Fr. Rafael glossed over the experience of Saint Josemaría in Pallerols which often also coincides with our spiritual experience, where there are moments when we see clearly the path we must follow but at other times we have serious doubts and even anxieties to know what is the will of God. In any case, we must go to the help of God and Saint Mary, as Saint Josemaría does in Pallerols, and we will find the consolation and caresses of the Virgin. It also reminds us that tomorrow Sunday we celebrate the solemnity of Christ the King, who pushes us to seek Christ to reign in us and in our surroundings.

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Arriving at Pallerols
 - Arriving at Pallerols
The video about the adventure of Saint Josemaría on his way to Andorra
 - The video about the adventure of Saint Josemaría on his way to Andorra
The beginning of the procession
 - The beginning of the procession
Another view of the procession
 - Another view of the procession
The celebration of the Eucharist
 - The celebration of the Eucharist
Attendees at Mass
 - Attendees at Mass
The acquittals of the deceased of Pallerols
 - The acquittals of the deceased of Pallerols
A few people had lunch around Pallerols
 - A few people had lunch around Pallerols
In the afternoon we will pray the rosary
 - In the afternoon we will pray the rosary
... and finally we venerated the relics of St. Josemaría
 - ... and finally we venerated the relics of St. Josemaría

The mass was offered for the deceased of this year 2021 who were more related to Pallerols: Pere Verdera, Mn. Enric Moliné, Mn. Ferran Blasi, Pau Mitjans, Pere Ramoneda, Helga Langmaak, Jordi Cervós and Ricard Estarriol.

At the end of the Eucharist we all went to the cemetery, where Fr. Boniface led a prayer for the dead of Pallerols and asked for the protection of Mary in our lives. The party ended with the singing of the "April Rose".

Some of the attendees had lunch around Pallerols and others went to the nearby villages and farmhouses.

At 4 in the afternoon, there was the prayer of the Rosary and then the veneration of the relics of St. Josemaría.

As every year, it was an endearing party with the attendance of about 100 people: the majority came from Lleida and Barcelona​​, some came specifically from Madrid, others from Valencia, Pamplona, ​​some from the Barony of Rialb, as well as de Pallars region, Vall de Cabó, and other places in Alt Urgell.

The day accompanied with its bonanza and we could happily relive those days of November 1937 when Saint Josemaría passed through these parts of the Catalan pre-Pyrenees.


  Author  | 13/08/2022
   Comment Donde puedo comprar en Barcelona una replica en miniatura de la Rosa de Rialp.
Muchas gracias
Ana Maria Abel
  Author Jordi | 04/12/2021
   Comment La Montserrat té tota la raó. Ens recordàrem també d'en Pau MItjans que ha col·laborat amb Pallerols. Entre altres coses, ens va regalar un cotxe tot terreny que ens fa molt de servei en les visites que fem als llocs que són inaccesibles amb cotxes normals. Gràcies, Pau.
  Author Montserrat Mitjans | 27/11/2021
   Comment Recordeu-vos de resar també pel Pau. Ha mort al mes d´octubre. Que el "galloper" us el recordi. Gràcies
  Author Geraldo Morujão (Viseu - Portugal) | 22/11/2021
   Comment Muitos parabéns. Unido à oração pelos defuntos, preço para todos a benção de São Josemaria.OI
  Author Alfonso Gerona | 22/11/2021
   Comment Qué bonito es el Alto Urgel y el norte de la provincia de Lérida, así como el Prepirineo leridano y catalán. Parece mentira que pasara lo que pasó en esos bellos lugares en aquellos aciagos años de la guerra civil española. Que los santos y demás que tuvieron que huir de la persecución religiosa intercedan para que nunca más vuelvan a pasar estas cosas en España.
  Author José García Velázquez | 22/11/2021
   Comment Enhorabuena. Hace algún tiempo, publicaron la noticia de la actividad del CODEC de Madrid, que hicieron el paso de los Pirineos este verano: uno de ellos era mi hijo. Adjunto el enlace de mi blog sobre ese tema
Saludos cordiales. Pepe
  Author Josep ELIAS & Sra.- | 22/11/2021
   Comment Este año no he podido estar por mi operación de rodilla.
Rezaré una oración por todos vosotros.-
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Pallerols de Rialb, November 22, 2021
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