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Home > News > The ''Rosa del Nord'' night walk 2021
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Advancing on mountain roads      
On the night of November 29-30, 2021, the "Rosa del Nord" Walk and Race was held in memory of the people persecuted in the mountains of the Pyrenees in search of freedom during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 and the Second World War. 1942-45.
We especially remember an expedition in which Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer went and entered Andorra on the night of December 1-2, 1937.
La Rosa del Nord, which runs from Bellestar to Sant Julià de Lòria, corresponds approximately to the last stage of this expedition: 22 km of route and 1,600 m of positive accumulated difference in altitude.
Walkers participating in the North Rose identify with all fugitives and persecuted by totalitarian ideologies around the world and that is why they walk at night, without refreshments and in adverse weather conditions, as it is done at the gates. of winter.
Participation in this year's Walk was 28 people.
The organization was led by Gerard Riart and Maria Segarra, from the Andorran company VSL Sports, and Toni Cucurull, from the Friends of the Camí de Pallerols de Rialb Association in Andorra. More than 15 volunteers took part in the success of the celebration.
The Walk started at the Bellestar Sports Center at 2.30 pm and ended at the Sant Julià de Lòria Sports Center at around 11 pm. The fastest took about 5 hours and the slowest about 8 hours.
The volunteers were located in the Collada de la Torre, in the river Civís, in the village of Argolell, in the Mas d'Alins and in the Borda dels Ginebres (next to the Borda del Gastó), which very kindly leaves us every year Carles Álvarez Marfany, Ambassador of Andorra to the Vatican. Finally, at the Sant Julià de Lòria sports center, there were other volunteers who prepared bread with tomato, cold cuts, cake, drinks, fruit, etc., to give a little something to the walkers when they arrived.
We must also thank Esther, the mistress of the house of the Pardines, who attended to the walkers with hot drinks as she passed in front of her house.
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Ready for departure
 - Ready for departure

The first Kms.
 - The first Kms.

Advancing on the route
 - Advancing on the route

Plan of the route
 - Plan of the route
Route profile
 - Route profile

The participants in the Walk were:

Marta Ribera    1986   Dona   05:26:00.92
Marc Gómez     1982   Home   05:26:01.24
Ester Albert       1959   Dona   06:03:00.83
Joan Jordi         1957   Home   06:03:01.46
Teresa Planavila 1969   Dona   06:22:10.70
Iria Abel             1986   Dona   06:22:10.70
Jorge Ferreira     1979  Home   07:07:39.94
Soraya Alves       2002  Dona   07:07:40.24
Liseth Cardoso   1981   Dona   07:07:40.24
Goyo Azkargorta1961   Home   07:07:40.30
Albert de Gracia 1986   Home   07:40:57.04
Guillem Castellví 1982  Home   07:40:57.47
Olga Palau          1961   Dona   07:40:58.16
Martin Andreu    1969   Home   07:40:58.75
Teresa Caminal    1960  Dona   07:41:13.50
Javier Pifarré       1986   Home   08:16:09.44
Josep Ma. Comas2004   Home   08:16:09.56
Martí Oliveras     2004  Home   08:16:14.77
Ricard Barot        1975   Home   08:16:14.82


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Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra), December 3, 2021
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