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Home > News > From Peramola to Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria in three days
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From Peramola to Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria in three days  Caminades - Ruta 2Caminades - Ruta 3Caminades - Ruta 4Caminades - Ruta 5Caminades - Ruta 6    

Extensive information about the route, attaching the tracks of the three stages


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Josep Maria TornÚ with his friends, accompanied by Rosa, from Fenollet      

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of June, Josep Maria TornÚ and some of his friends did the tour from Peramola to Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria, sleeping in Fenollet. A total of 95.3 km, taking 23 hours, 57 minutes, 20 seconds.

The stages were:

1st stage: Peramola - Fenollet, 36.6 km, done in 8:26:33

2nd stage: Fenollet - Pla de Sant Tirs, 27.4 km, done in 7:36:29

3rd stage: Pla de Sant Tirs - Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria, 31.3 km, in 7:54:18

We have attached some photos and the tracks of the 3 routes.

Tram 1:

Tram 2:

Tram 3:


A magnificent tour that can serve as a model, orientation and encouragement for many more people who also want to live this cultural, historical and sporting experience.





La Casa d'Aubenš
 - La Casa d'Aubenš
La Collada de la Torre
 - La Collada de la Torre
Oratori de Can˛lich
 - Oratori de Can˛lich
Coll de Jou
 - Coll de Jou
Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria
 - Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria


  Author Geraldo MorujŃo, VISEU (Portugal) | 25/06/2022
   Comment ParabÚns pela grande aventura de
  Author Fede | 24/06/2022
   Comment Enhorabuena
  Author Tino | 24/06/2022
   Comment Felicidades a Josep Ma. TurnÚ y compa˝Ýa por el recorrido en estos tˇrridos dÝas veraniegos.
  Author VÝctor Sßnchez | 24/06/2022
   Comment Enhorabuena chicos! si que es un grupo potente!
Rosa Coll estß tan guapa como siempre. Que alegrÝa verla!!
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Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria (Andorra), June 24, 2022
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