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From Madrid to Pallerols  Caminades - Ruta 1Caminades - Ruta 2Pallerols    

Walking with emotion part of the journey that Saint Josemaría made in 1937


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On the way to the Ribalera      

From March 4 to 7, 2021, a group of resident girls of the CET La Loma, in Madrid, traveled part of the path that Saint Josemaría followed on his route from Oliana to Andorra, crossing the Pyrenees, in the autumn of 1937.

On Friday, March 5, they made the Pallerols-Peramola-Corb-La Ribalera route. There, they were able to attend Holy Mass, remembering November 28, 1937, when Saint Josemaría also celebrated the Eucharist in this same place.

On Saturday the 6th, after visiting the rectory of Pallerols, they went up to the San Rafael cabin and made a route through the area.

Finally, on Sunday the 7th they visited the church of Sant Julià de Lòria, in Andorra, remembering the visit that Saint Josemaría and those who accompanied him made in this same place on the morning of December 2, 1937, where they arrived after 14 days of stay in the forests of Rialb and along the roads of Alt Urgell, crossing rivers and mountains, until reaching Andorra.

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In the San Rafael cabin
 - In the San Rafael cabin
On the Corb mountain
 - On the Corb mountain


In the Ribalera
 - In the Ribalera
Mass at the San Rafael cabin
 - Mass at the San Rafael cabin
Mass at the Ribalera
 - Mass at the Ribalera
In the Pallerols refuge
 - In the Pallerols refuge

Thanks to the book Camino de Liberación, which collects the writings of the expedition members of 1937, we have been able to live this experience hand in hand with the true protagonists.

Many thanks to those of you who have recovered and marked these traditional paths through which so many people from the territory have passed over the years and many others who, coming from distant lands, have traveled them in search of freedom.


  Author Celia | 09/03/2021
   Comment 100%recomendable!!
  Author Florentino Ysern | 08/03/2021
   Comment Felicitats!

Pels somriures i la genialitat del fotògraf
  Author Víctor | 08/03/2021
   Comment Enhorabuena jóvenes! Se ve un grupo muy animado y divertido !!!
  Author Blanca  | 08/03/2021
   Comment Una experiencia inolvidable!!!! Para repetir!!!
  Author Cov | 08/03/2021
   Comment Inolvidable! Gracias Jordi, Ramón y todos los que hacéis posible vivir esto!!!
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Pallerols de Rialb, March 8, 2021
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