Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Virtual pilgrimage to Pallerols
A universal Pilgrimage

On Saturday May 16 we made a virtual pilgrimage to Pallerols through the Zoom application that was also broadcast live on YouTube.

We started at 5 in the afternoon and about 120 people attended directly by Zoom and many others on YouTube.

The format of the pilgrimage was as follows:

1.- Ramon Camats transmitted the pilgrimage live from Pallerols, standing in front of the image of the Virgen del Rosario.

The rosary was offered for all the deceased Friends of Pallerols and especially for those who have died in recent months: Javier Gual from Lleida, Joan Gallostra from Barcelona, ​​Miquel Casals, builder of the Pallerols rectory, and other friends and collaborators of the Association.

It was also offered for all those who are currently sick, and to plead with Our Lady to abbreviate this pandemic and we can all go, very soon, to Pallerols to celebrate a Thanksgiving mass.

2.- Six different families directed the 5 parts of the rosary and the litanies:

- The first mystery was said in Catalan by the Manich-Gallemí family, from Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona).

- The second was prayed in English by friends from Pallerols who are in Ireland.

- The third was prayed in Basque by some university girls from the Colegio Mayor Goimendi, in Pamplona.

- The fourth, they prayed in Portuguese from the Parish of San José in the city of Viseu (Portugal); It was directed by his pastor Ph Geraldo Morujäo.

- The fifth was prayed in Spanish by the Casanovas-Gratacós family, from Barcelona.

- And finally, the Jaureguízar-Gratacós family prayed in Spanish from Madrid the litanies and the prayer of Pope Francis to ask the Virgin for the end of the pandemic.

You can see a summary of 6 minutes in the Videos section of this news, and the complete pilgrimage (27 minutes) in the following video:



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