Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
A new book by Josep Masabeu
A book to delve into the history of Pallerols

It is a historical investigation on this nucleus of the municipality of the Barony of Rialb.


After a few pages of situation, it focuses first on the farmhouses that make up the nucleus, around a Romanesque church consecrated by St. Ermengol, bishop of Urgell between 1010 and 1035, mentioning documents from the diocesan archives and chapter of Urgell and the Library of Catalonia. And life in this rural town is told with the testimonies of the inhabitants of the region.


Another aspect is the study of prominent people who stayed there:

Anton Serra i Planes, "Lo Rector de Pallerols" (1808-1875), one of the first Catalan romantic poets, precedent of Verdaguer.

Joan Porta i Perucho (1907-1999), who was rector of the Barony of Rialb for 50 years.


The following is the subject of the Civil War, when the Barony of Rialb served as a refuge and shelter for many fugitives seeking ways to freedom to Andorra. In this context, the stay of Saint Josemaría Escrivá in 1937 is explained.

Finally, the rehabilitation of the rectory and the effort to revitalize this environment are described.


The mayor of the Barony of Rialb, Antoni Reig, gave the prologue. The author, pedagogue and historian, is a regular contributor to the activities of the Association of Friends of the Pallerols de Rialb Road in Andorra.


Book of 173 pages, with 118 photographs, old and current, very pleasant and informative, well laid out and with an easy and plain language. € 20.


Attached is a 6-minute video, made by Florentí Ysern, showing a photographic summary of the book.

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