Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
From Girona to the Barony of Rialb, Alt Urgell and Andorra. March 28-31, 2021
10 young people from Girona in Pallerols

Invited by Mn. Eduard de Ribot, rector of the parish of Arbúcies, on the afternoon of Rams Sunday, March 28, eight young people from different towns in Girona are heading by van to Pallerols de Rialb, in the Noguera region. The intrepid adventurers are: Ignasi Vila, Jaume Vila, Lluís Vila, Xevi Vila, Pere Busquets, Josep Sellas, Xavi Porras and Josep Mª Panadés.

The adventure begins when shortly before reaching Pallerols and following the directions of Google Maps, they take a dirt road in very poor condition. They tell us this:

The road is getting more and more complicated and after an hour of painstaking progress we realize that we have taken the wrong path. The night is dark, fuel is scarce and finally the van stops. The situation is delicate. A phone call, and a motorized angel answering Ramon Camats' name is presented with a formidable 4x4. On a couple of trips, he takes us to the Pallerols refuge, while the van moves cautiously.

There, we finally meet with Mn. Eduard and Félix Sáez.


Holy Monday (March 29)

At night in the refuge we can sleep quite well despite the concert of different tones from the snores of some of our friends. We have breakfast and go out to Les Masies de Nargó, from where we start walking towards the beautiful place of Fenollet. At a good pace and with a better spirit, we arrived at our destination around noon, after three hours of pilgrimage.

There, Ramon picks us up with the cars and we return to the refuge, where we taste some macaroni prepared by Félix's mother, for whom the qualifiers of delicious and exquisite are definitely short.

After the gratifying digestion, Ramon presents us with one detailed guided tour of the church of Pallerols and the rectory where Saint Josemaría Escrivá and those who accompanied him spent the night on their way to Andorra during the Spanish Civil War. We complete the visit with an accomplished documentary of the aforementioned exile of the saint. Then we hear Mass in the same church.


Holy Tuesday (March 30)

Early in the morning, after listening to Mass and having a frugal breakfast, we get ready to face the most demanding day of the outing. From the Cabó road, we take a steep climb up the mountain.

We arrive at the ridge after noon, where the village of Ares, once inhabited, is located. We stopped for lunch on a bend in the road, with some sandwiches we had brought. We pray the rosary and continue towards Noves de Segre, where we arrive at dusk. A 6 hours walk and 18 km.

There the van parked by Ramon is waiting for us a few hours before and we return to Pallerols.

After dinner, we gather around the fireplace, where the priest tells us some fascinating anecdotes from his ministerial life.


Holy Wednesday (March 31)

Today has been a perfect day. We are going to Andorra. Arriving at customs we have some problems to pass but in the end going with a priest turns out to be the best passport and savior of fines.

We visit the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria and its church, where we admire the harmonious mosaics signed by the renowned artist Marko Rupnik and the bronze statue of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, by the artist Rebeca Muñoz, which he remembers on December 2. 1937 when he finally arrived in Andorra after 13 days of suffering walking through the lands of the Barony of Rialb and Alt Urgell.

After lunch on a terrace that some locals are good at lending us, we say goodbye to Mn. Eduard and Félix, and head back to Girona.


If you want to spend a few days of adventure, we highly recommend this route that goes from Oliana to Andorra crossing rivers and mountains. A total of 100 km, with a positive accumulated drop of 6,400 m and a negative of 5,900 m.

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