Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Pere Ramoneda Bach, Peret de Cal Guillot, from Coll de Nargˇ, has died

Generosity was the most characteristic trait of his personality

Last Sunday, July 18, 2021, Pere Ramoneda i Bach, from Cal Guillot de Coll de Nargˇ, died. He was born in the same Coll de Nargˇ on August 29, 1927. When he died, he was therefore 94 years old.


Lo Peret was a strong, brave, hard-working man, noble, sincere, simple, kind, generous. When we left the funeral a woman from the village said to me: "Peret always helped everyone". Perhaps this was the most characteristic trait of his personality: generosity.


Thanks to him we recovered the old way of descent from the house of Aubenš to the Bridge of the Codˇ on the river of Valldarques; a very interesting path because it follows the traces of logging in the middle of the forest on the north face of Aubenš, which he -along with his brother Jaume- had done many times when they were young and worked in Aubenš lowering the logs to this way.


Another very important contribution of lo Peret was the reconstruction of the Saint Raphael's Cabin, in Pallerols. He got us three trees that were fundamental to the structure of the cabin: two struts -an oak and a juniper- and the trunk that crowns the cabin which was a 12 m long pine that had gained a lot of hardness when falling lightning struck him. He took the three poles to the cabin and directed the reconstruction work, with a work camp attended by boys from various parts of Catalonia.


Throughout all these years he has collaborated in many other things related to the Andorra Trail, he has invited us to his house many times, he has advised us with his knowledge about the geography and customs of the Alt Urgell, ... For all this, in 2008 we awarded him a diploma as a Collaborating Partner of the Way.

At eleven in the morning on Monday, July 19, there was a funeral mass in the church of Coll de Nargˇ, officiated by Fr. Benigne MarquŔs. Many people from the village and from outside wanted to attend to pray for the Peret. We will then take him to the cemetery to say goodbye to the land.


On a Saturday afternoon in September we will also celebrate a Mass in the church of Pallerols, which we will offer for lo Peret. We will inform in time when this Mass will be.


We pray for him and thank him for his invaluable collaboration on the correct route of the Andorra Trail.


We can end this little cronicle with a words uttered by a daughter-in-law at the end of the funeral: "After the long journey rests in Peace, Peret, a wild man of the land, lover of the vineyard, passionate about the mountains. See you again".


Watch this video where Peret appears directing the reconstruction of the Saint Raphael's Cabin.

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