Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Volunteers working in Juncàs and Ribalera

Come every second Saturday of the month to work on the Camí d'Andorra

Last October 15, nine volunteers from the Association of Friends del "Camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra" went from the Torrent de les Caubes to the Barranc de la Ribalera to review the path and place some new signs to help to walkers to safely follow the Camí d'Andorra.

The volunteers were: Octavio Rico, Ramon Camats, Paco Penella, Josep Maria Vila, Pepe Martínez, Daniel Macià, Mn. Xavier Pont, Emilio de Gomis and Jordi Piferrer.

We will leave Oliana at 10 am and go with 3 TT cars to Juncàs. There we made 3 work teams: some towards the Torrent de les Caubes and others towards the Ribalera by two different paths. Once the work is finished and all together at the Ribalera, Fr Xavier celebrated the Holy Mass and then the lunch that everyone brought. Finally, we will celebrate the end of the day's work with a magnificent liquor called "Ratafia" that Fr Xavier had elaborated, and which is called "Ratafia from Pallerols", because it is made with herbs from the Peramola and Pallerols area.

All in all, a day very well spent.

We encourage you all to come every second Saturday of the month to collaborate in the maintenance of the Cami d'Andorra.

Remember that on Sunday 20 November we have the Party of the Meeting of the Rose in Pallerols, where we are waiting for you all with your families and friends!

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