Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
A family that has traveled the entire Andorra Trail

An experience worth living

In the news of the web of April 6 of this year, it was published that Gomis Vila's family had traveled most of the Andorra Trail; specifically from the Pont de Peramola to the Riu de Cabˇ.

They told us about their experiences and how they had enjoyed it.

Now, this married couple from Lleida -with 3 children aged 5, 7 and 8- tells us that last Sunday, October 16, they successfully completed the last stage: from the Riu de CivÝs to Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria, with the ascent to the fearsome Barranc de la Cabra Morta.

He sends us some photos of this last stage.

The stages they have completed between January and April 2022 are:

1.- Peramola-Pallerols along the path of Sant Marc

2.- Palleros-Caba˝a de San Rafael, this one with more friends

3.- Peramola-Roca del Corb

4.- Roca del Corb- Casa de Aubenš by the Canal de la Jaša

5.- House of Aubenš-Pont del Codˇ

6.- Pont del Codˇ-Can Fenollet

7.- Can Fenollet-Riu de Cabˇ

The stages they have completed between April and October 2022 are:

8.- Riu de Cabˇ-Ares-Cal PallarÚs

9.- Cal PallarÚs-Aravell-Cal Tamborino

10.- Cal Tamborino-Roques de la Caubella-Riu de CivÝs

11.- Riu de CivÝs-Mas d'Alins-Sant JuliÓ de L˛ria

We encourage many families with young children who dare to travel these same paths, with the certainty that it will be an unforgettable experience for them!

Remember that next Sunday, November 20, we celebrate the Trobada de la Rosa Festival in Pallerols. Attend with your family and friends.

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