Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Volunteers in the Vall de Cabó in the maintenance of the Camí d'Andorra
Volunteer work in the Vall de Cabó

On Saturday March 11, 13 people did maintenance work on the Camí d'Andorra on the route that goes from the Coll de Santa Fe to the Riu de Cabó.

To maintain this itinerary, we have divided it into three sections:

Section 1, marked in sky blue on the attached map. This stretch goes from Coll Marí to Coll de Santa Fe and then goes down to Pla de Cal Llauna, where it meets the variant that comes from Coll Marí. This variant is marked on the ground with yellow circles, while the main path is marked with blue and yellow colors.

Section 2, marked in purple on the attached map. It is the variant that goes from Coll Marí and merges with the main road that goes down to the Cabó road.

Section 3, marked in green on the attached map. It goes from the Cabó road, at the height of the Oliva house, to the Cabó River.

To do this work, 5 teams were formed.

Team 1, made up of: Jordi Pérez, Octavi Quintana and Daniel Macià who, equipped with a brush cutter and blue and yellow paint, did the work on Section 1, the most complicated of today's route.

Team 2, formed by: Javier Comella, Teo González and Joan Ribalta, who do the maintenance of Section 2, equipped with pruning shears and blue and yellow paint. They also made stairs with logs and stones that greatly improved the beginning of the path, where there was a steep slope.

Team 3, formed by: Paco Penella, Josep Maria Vila and William Díaz, who do the maintenance of Section 3, equipped with a brush cutter and blue and yellow paint.

Team 4, formed by: Ramon Camats and Jordi Piferrer who, with two TT cars, did transport and support work for the previous 3 teams.

Team 5, made up of: Octavio Rico and Enrique Tormo, who were in charge. Octavio Rico led the coordination of this work day.

At 10 o'clock we will meet at the Plaça de les homilies d'Organyà. Teams 1, 2 and 4 went up in 2 TT cars to Coll Marí, and from there they each started their work section. Meanwhile, team 3 went along the Cabó road to the Oliva forest to descend towards the Cabó River.

On the other hand, team 5 went to Organyà to buy something so they could have lunch together at Font Bordonera, where they prepared a good aperitif and grilled sausages, seasoned all together with some good wines; of mandarin desserts and to finish the coffee with Organyà cake.

As always, a day very well spent and we look forward to repeating it next April 15 where we will go up to the village of Ares and down to Noves de Segre.

If you want to spend a day in the middle of nature and rest fully, we strongly recommend that you sign up for April 15th!

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