Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
In the month of May, a pilgrimage to Pallerols

About 40 people were able to enjoy the peace of Pallerols


On Sunday, May 14, about 40 people made a pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Roser de Pallerols. They came from different places: Lleida, Barcelona, Sant Cugat, Andorra and even Madrid.

Ricardo Gómez Val gives us a summary of what some families who came from a Barcelona youth center did.

"On Sunday 14 May, a group of families from the Carena youth center in Barcelona organized a pilgrimage to Pallerols.

We arrived around 12 in the morning and immediately began the recitation of the rosary, while walking around the church. Once inside the church, Fathers Xavier Pont and Joaquim Gonzŕlez Llanos concelebrated the Eucharist. At the end we all sang the Virolai together".

"Afterwards, some families stayed for lunch around Pallerols, sharing the different culinary specialties that each family brought. As it started to rain we had to go inside the rectory where we could enjoy the projection of a video explaining the crossing of the Pyrenees that Saint Josemaria made in 1937. There were also other groups in the rectory who invited us to have coffee and cakes.

Finally, we visited the rectory, discovering the different spaces where Saint Josemaria had been.

At the end of the visit, the sun was shining again and we were able to say a peaceful farewell and even some of the more adventurous ones went on a trip around the area and we had a hard time finding them to go home.

It was a very emotional day, as always when we go to Pallerols. Although it seems that Pallerols is far away -two hours by car- it is certainly worth going there to enjoy the peace that you can breathe there; when you are there you feel at home. We recommend it!”

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