Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
From Barcelona to Pallerols

An experience that you can relive at any time of the year

Juan Centeno tells us about his brief stay in Pallerols and surroundings

On August 16 I had the opportunity to share a few hours of the Pallerols environment with some friends who came from Ribes de Freser. As soon as we arrived, Ramon welcomed us with great affection, and at Camping Oliana he introduced us to the history of the Pyrenees Pass.

Then we went to Peramola, and after commenting on the first moments of the fugitives, we saw the barn where the expedition of Saint Josemaría spent the first night. From there we went to Pallerols, and we visited the famous “oven”. After the explanation of the Rosa's encounter, we went to the Cabaña de San Rafael. There, after a walk we were able to eat some sandwiches that we brought for the occasion.

We enjoyed the stories of smugglers and the peasants of the area at that time, and how they fed the "ambushes" at those critical moments. Then we return to Pallerols along the Cal Ampurdanés path, passing by the pond.

At the beginning of the afternoon we went to Casa del Corb, from Mas Torrent, and we walked for a while along the mountain wall.

Finally, we stop by the rectory to replenish water, and make a donation, to thank all the volunteers for the work you do, and incidentally contribute to the expenses of your Association.

Thank you all very much, and especially Ramon who welcomed us so nicely.

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