Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Volunteers in Pallerols
On Saturday 11 November we will continue with the work to improve Pallerols

On Saturday, October 14, a group of 10 volunteers, from Lleida and Barcelona, went to Pallerols to do maintenance work on the rectory and the church.

The volunteers were: the couple Paco P and Nočlia M, Pepe M, Josep Maria V, Jordi Per, Enrique T, Mn. Xavier P, Miquel C, Ramon C and Jordi Pi.

The works were:

a) Give a primer to the exterior doors and windows of the church and rectory in order to protect the wood.

b) Stabilize the bells, since they do not recover their initial position.

c) Put some shelves in the room on the 2nd Floor.

d) Clean the paths around the church and rectory of grass

e) Thorough cleaning of the shelter: showers, toilets, kitchen, refrigerator, etc.

We will receive a visit from an electrician and a mason from the area, and the following works to improve the environment will be carried out:

f) Make a valued electrical installation project inside the church and outside.

g) Make a budget for cleaning and consolidation of the side corridors of the church

h) Repairing any holes in the facade of the church as well as replacing any roof tiles that have moved or fallen.

i) On the facade of the church there are 2 windows: A budget is requested to put one in alabaster and the other a stained glass window with the rose of Rialb.

j) Place a communication door in the bell tower to prevent drafts and the entry of bats.

k) Place a metal handrail on the stairs that go up to the choir of the church.

l) Clean the roofs of the Romanesque apses of herbs.

Once we have the budgets, we will try to have everything finished before the end of the year.

We hope that, as always, we will find generous people who want to make the corresponding contributions. You can do it as usual:

- through Bizum at 0034.629.910.612

- with a transfer to our Caixa Guissona bank account: ES19.3140.0001.91.0012762600

With the reference: Reconstruction of the Rectory of Pallerols

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