Associació d'amics del camí de Pallerols de Rialb a Andorra
Frecuent Asked Questions

1. What is the Pallerols Road from Rialb to Andorra?

            The road that goes from Pallerols de Rialb to Andorra is a route that goes from the bridge of Peramola on the river Segre, after Oliana, and reaches Andorra through mountain paths. These roads have been travelled since the old times and were used as a escape route through Andorra during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, and then during the Second World War.


2. What does the Association of Friends of the Road from Pallerols de Rialb to Andorra intend?

            The Association intends to recover these traditional roads that were practically lost and to rehabilitate some buildings that are in the route so that they serve as a shelter for hikers. You can see the "Objectives" section of the website.


3. What activities does the Association do?

            The Association carries out all kinds of activities related to its purposes such as: organizing conferences, round tables and other cultural activities related to geography, art and history of the road; promoting tourism around those places where the road goes through; organizing excursions to any of its sections; organizing work camps with young people in order to improve the way; organizing and to collaborating in religious events that take place in the area, such as the feast of Saint Mark and the feast of The Find of the Rose in Pallerols de Rialp.


4. How can I keep updated about the activities and news of the Association of Friends?

            Through our website, we regularly inform about the activities that we organize. To be well informed, it is worth visiting the sections of "Agenda", "News" and "Walker's Blog" periodically.


5. Can anyone walk the road from Pallerols to Andorra?

            Some parts show some greater difficulty than others. However, to date, people between the ages of 8 and 81 have carried out walks of between 7-8 hours, provided they have a certain habit of walking. It is important to do it with good footwear and mountain clothing which is appropriate to the weather conditions of the moment the trip is made. Finally, it is recommended to carry plenty of water and paying attention to the road signs. As it is about routes through areas with little transit, it is easy to get lost in case of getting out of the way.

            An important recommendation is that, before starting the excursion, the expeditionaries study the route that they wish to do thoroughly. This information is available at the "Routes" section of the website. The book "Camí d'Andorra" can also be helpful. By studying this information well, you can also reach all major roads by car.


6. Where can I get the maps and the information of the route and / or the different stages?

            By entering the website, at the section "Routes" and also in the book "Camí d'Andorra", editorial Albada. Terrassa 2004.


7. Where can I find general information related to the route: accommodation, workshops, mass schedules, ...?

            By entering the section "Telephones of interest".


8. What is St Josemaría Escrivá's relationship with the road?

            St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer travelled this way between 19 November and 2 December 1937, the day he arrived to Andorra. The historical documents that we have of this expedition, as well as the testimonies of the guide Josep Cirera, have allowed us to retake the whole journey.

            More information on this expedition can be found at the "History" section.


9. How can I collaborate?

            You can collaborate by becoming a partner or volunteer. At the section "Collaborators" you can find all the information and the corresponding forms.


10. How to get to Pallerols?

            A) From Ponts and Gualter

            At the exit of Ponts in the direction of Seu de Urgell, in front of the Hotel Pedra Negra, there is a roundabout where we will locate our km. 0. There, take the C-1412b road to Gualter and Tremp.

            - Upon reaching km. 1,2 we arrive to Gualter, a village where we do not enter, but we follow the road in the direction of Tremp.

            - At the km. 12,8 we reach a junction: on the right, Politg (road LV-5118 that goes to Peramola). Following the direction of the main road (C-1412b) we would reach Tremp. We go towards Politg.

            - At the km. 15.3 we cross a bridge over the Rialb River.

            - At the km. 18,7 we reach Politg; we leave the town on our right and continue along the road.

            - At the km. 24,9 we find, on our left, the detour to Pallerols.

            - At the km. 26.4 we reach Pallerols.


            B) From Oliana and Peramola

            Leaving Oliana in the direction of the Seu d'Urgell (road C-14), we pass by the Peramola bridge over the Segre river. We call it km. 0, the point before crossing the bridge.

            - After the bridge, turn left (making a loop), leave the C-14 and take the LV-5118 road towards Peramola.

            - At the km. 1.0 we will reach the Casa del Pont (which we leave on the left).

            - At the km. 4,3 we arrive at the crossing of Peramola. We continue along the main road without entering Peramola.

            - At the km. 12.5 we arrive at the Pallerols junction. We turn right to get to Pallerols in 1.5 Km. Be aware that a few kilometres before there is a sign that says "Camí de Pallerols"; Do not take this deviation from the right, as it is a way intended for walking, but not for cars.

            - At the km. 14,0 we will reach Pallerols.

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